Photography By Adam

Capturing A Beautiful World

About the Photographer

My interest in photography was initially focused in the fine art photography.  I still do enjoy this very soulful art and practice it whenever possible.  There is however, a different joy in shooting events or portraits.  I feel honored every time knowing how very important & personal it is to you.  Since my formal degree is in Computer Engineering, I do highly benefit from the attention-to-detail skills that I have acquired over the years and apply them regularly to photography techniques.

The new era of digital photography and its close integration with computers has changed photography in significant ways, but the art itself has remained simple and untouched.  I often strive for simplicity in my photos and believe that "less is more".  Likewise, I had simplicity in mind when designing this website and I hope you have enjoyed your visit.  Thank you!

[email protected] 
Raleigh, North Carolina
(919) 218-2220